Real Estate

Real Estate

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Real Estate law governs the rights and interests in real estate and real property, both commercial and residential, and provides protections for buyers, sellers, land owners, contractors.

Foreign direct investment is an important component for economic stimulation, especially during depressed or recessed economic times, but this provides opportunity for the United States to encourage FDI through real estate sales and acquisitions. In 2013, TDL formed its subsidiary called TDL International Real Estate, Inc. to provide property brokerage services, including:

  • U.S. Residential real estate acquisition and disposition
  • U.S. Commercial real estate acquisition and disposition
  • Purchase and sales of businesses
  • Introduction and procurement of FDI for residential and commercial properties
  • Introduction and procurement of FDI for U.S. businesses
  • Tax advising and strategies related to 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • Acquisition and disposition of international assets in Asia
  • Complementary professional services related to FDI, such as money transfer, financing, and international tax implications.


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