U. S. & International Business Law

International & U. S.Business Law

Trusted professional attorneys for local and international global needs.

TDL provides a reliable U.S. and international business law team who focuses on advising clients with accurate commercial law solutions.

After choosing a business entity, there are contracts and agreements related to the acquisition of real estate, partnership arrangements, procurement, purchase and sale of assets, leasing space, equipment, and personal property, and a plethora of other business transactions related to operating the business.  Our Attorneys provide document drafting and review for:

  • Equipment Purchase and Sale
  • Property Leasing, Purchase and Sale
  • Joint Ventures
  • Corporate Re-Organizations
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Employee and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Loan Agreements
  • Franchising Agreements


For small- and medium-sized businesses having $20 million USD gross revenues annually or less, international expansion appears to be out of reach and reserved for multinational corporations; however, that is not the case in this global economy. TDL provides tailor-made legal resources to help these small- and medium-sized companies lower barriers to entry, minimize transportation and import/export costs, and improve efficiency through better use of technology. Our Attorneys provide international legal services founded on local economic, political, social, and legal sensitivities in both the host and foreign countries – from law and business advice to local customs and cultures. In addition, a main competitive advantage is that our Attorneys speak many and/or multiple languages. TDL provides international legal services in:

  • cross-border joint venture, partnership, or turn-key agreements
  • international tax strategies for business operations
  • organizational structuring, including multi-jurisdiction local and foreign parent-subsidiary companies
  • opening franchises in a foreign country
  • business entity formation
  • drafting, negotiating, and reviewing agreements in English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Spanish
  • limited civil business litigation in the United States, Vietnam, and Thailand

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